CARLSBAD Project History

Date Milestone
March, 2014 CarlsbadOne beta release at OpenEye Cup XIV Meeting, Santa Fe, NM.
March, 2014 Poster associating diseases and targets in CARLSBAD presented by visiting scholar at OpenEye Cup XIV Meeting, Santa Fe, NM.
February, 2014 Poster related to a bioactivity network analysis engine based on CARLSBAD won honorable mention at UNM's Student Research Day, Albuquerque, NM.
August, 2013 CARLSBAD presented at the Seventh q-bio Conference, Santa Fe, NM.
April, 2013 Development begins on a one-click, no-installation-required web application codenamed 'Chimayo,' which later became CarlsbadOne.
August, 2012 CARLSBAD presented at The Sixth q-bio Conference, Santa Fe, NM.
August, 2012 CARLSBAD presented at 34th Annual International IEEE EMBS (Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society) Conference, San Diego, CA.
May, 2012 CARLSBAD update released, including: ChemBL v13, PubChem updates, IUPHAR corrections, composite activity values, and scaffold association weighting.
April, 2012 CARLSBAD presented atÿUNM Drug Discovery Day, Albuquerque, NM.
March, 2012 CARLSBAD Project presented at OpenEye CUP XIII Meeting, Santa Fe, NM.
March, 2012 CARLSBAD announcement posted to CHMINF-L and selected others. CARLSBAD Project Homepageÿgoes live.
March, 2012 CARLSBAD presented atÿAmerican Chemical Society's "Systems Chemical Biology" CINF session (organized by Jan Kiras and Tudor Oprea), San Diego, CA.
February, 2012 Carlsbad database search web app developed for target/compound data exploration and inclusion in suite of tools.
January, 2012 CytoscapeWeb v1.0 released and integrated by SNAKE web app for rapid and convenient network analysis.
Fall 2011 PubChem MLP, ChEMBL, and PDSP data integrated and loaded.
August, 2011 CARLSBAD presented at The Fifth q-bio Conference, Santa Fe, NM.
April, 2011 MCES and HierS data loaded.
April, 2011 Sub-net extraction code and web app developed ("SNAKE").ÿ XGMML can be imported by Cytoscape.
March, 2011 IUPHARdb and Wombat data integrated and loaded.
February, 2011 HierS scaffold code rewritten in Java with ChemAxon JChem.
January, 2011 Work begins: database schema, data acquisition and integration, software method implementation.
December, 2010 NIH R21 grant award notification.