Welcome to the CARLSBAD web application.

Use this application to view data in the CARLSBAD database. Select either the Targets or Structures tab above to search for targets or structures, respectively.

The CARLSBAD database was constructed from subsets of various data sources as outlined in the table below. Two main filters were applied to the source data loaded into CARLSBAD:

SourceVersionRelease DateStructuresActivities
ChEMBL 13 2012-02-21 267744 798755
IUPHARDb Feb 2011 UNM Structures 2297 6049
PDSP kidb110121 UM Uniprot IDs 3499 22202
PubChem MLP 2011-11-04 133435 320311
WOMBAT 2011.2 124873 273572

The distinguishing feature of the CARLSBAD database is that one and only one activity value of a given type (Ki, EC50, etc.) is stored for a given structure-target pair. This value - the "CARLSBAD activity" - is the one considered most reliable according to its data source. If multiple activities values with equal confidences exist for a given structure-target-type combination, then the CARLSBAD activity is calculated to be the mean of them.